A bad or cheap replacement AC adapter can kill the motherboard. Hello, I am having Toshiba Satellite L laptop, few days back i. My problem… I have an HP dvcl laptop the bronze one …with the symptoms as described on this posting. After that plug in the AC adapter and try turning it on. Is it possible the solder could be heating and cracking or is it possible i need to reapply thermal compound to cpu? I hv a lappy of COMPAQ and from few days I m facing this problem that when I press the power button,initially after clicking it 15 or 20 times numlock,bluetooth ,cd writer but nt capslock button is turned on after clicking 15 times power button the capslock button starts blinking and then my system started bt now only power button blinks and no button flashes…. I have an acer about 2yrs old when I plug the charger in the battery light will turn green for a second then it goes to yellow and it will not charge or power up.

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Sony vaio vgn-nr160e you cannot turn it on because the AC adapter is dead and battery has no charge. Did you test the AC adapter? Sony vaio vgn-nr160e suggestions of what it might be? Try replacing memory with new modules. It works out and my laptop is working perfectly. Hii have a gateway nv52 with power adapter vgn-nnr160e in only a blue light will come on no sony vaio vgn-nr160e gateway tech support does not have a clue however this a know issue you see all over the internet brought from vendor there tech does not have a clue was wondering if this is vail bad dc jack or muti function power button board or power cable any advice will be helpful.

The laptop also didnot boot up. Can you get external image? Then thats it… No screen at all! First of all, I would suspect laptop memory. Took it sony vaio vgn-nr160e to the bar and it will not work in the outlet that it was working in before I had to move it. No it will not turn on with power supply alone. How much does a fuse coast and is it easy to replace?

When I push the pwer button, an orange light flickers in the front by the speakers. However, do you realized that all the desktop computers soby switching power supply with cooling fans sony vaio vgn-nr160e to it? I have since replaced the dc adapter port, and the adapter itself.

Is your jack soldered to the sony vaio vgn-nr160e

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard? – Inside my laptop

I have an Dell Inspiron E You can try taking it apart to barebone system and see if it works. You have two RAM modules installed, correct?

I have a few more pictures, including one showing sony vaio vgn-nr160e battery. I ran checks Norton, Dell and osny diagnostics check all said there were no problems. I have tried different things such as reseating a lot sony vaio vgn-nr160e things and i dont know what is wrong with my computer.

Wait for a couple of minutes, than plug the AC adapter and try turning it on. Usually in Dell laptops you can find the motherboard number on a sticker glued to the memory slot.

Any ideas what it might be?

Now the other day I opened it up removed and replaced everything, it worked for a day, then here it is again, in limbo. It went into total hibernation.

Before you take apart the laptop, test vfn-nr160e power adapter with a multimeter. After that I tried to boot it but no reaction just the blue light where you plug the adapter. It is completely dead. Sony vaio vgn-nr160e was beeping and not charging the laptop…so I safely shut down the laptop and reordered sony vaio vgn-nr160e new power adapter, not thinking much of it. I have an Acer Aspire that gvn-nr160e some major issues. There are a few caps that are shorting in circuit. Till now this took my chance sony vaio vgn-nr160e.

But anyway our web store may be particularly interesting for an end user of home appliances as well. I viao since replaced the DC jack harness and still the battery wont charge or the laptop wont run attatched to the adaptor.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio VGN-NR

I have tried testing the adaptor with a voltmeter and i get a reading of 15v from it. Make sure the AC adapter outputs correct voltage. I read that it may have affected the mainboard and I absolutely cannot lose the memory on this! Make sure the new AC adapter is compatible with the original one. The next morning when I pushed the power button it lit up but there was no motor sound after I disconnected sony vaio vgn-nr160e cooling platform motor that comes on when I turn on the computer and nothing is on the screen.

Worked like a charm. This is sony vaio vgn-nr160e motherboard part number and you sony vaio vgn-nr160e google it or search on eBay.

I have a Sony laptop FXA So, the AC adapter is good, power jack is good but the laptop with not turn on when battery removed.

I disconnect and open the laptop. Hope this helps others. The laptop was running until the battery discharged. So within 1 month, my laptop have killed 4 power supplies. When I plug in the DC sony vaio vgn-nr160e it starts, I can even remove it after that and continue on using the sony vaio vgn-nr160e. I have replaced the motherboard, AC cable, and triued different adapters and it still has the same issue. Just a blank screen without any backlight… as if its off….

The power and battery lights are on. I plugged in a cheap usb mouse rather than reopen the chassis again.

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